If you’ve been considering a full kitchen refurbishment it can

Our specialist kitchen installers, would remove items for repainting, which are then prepared and refinished at our Christchurch factory. Self assembly kitchen unitsWe supply great click together kitchen units, these are available to the public or to the trade. Maybe you’ve inherited a worn-out kitchen unit from previous owners. If you’ve been considering a full kitchen refurbishment https://sigmaconstruction.uk/kitchen-installation.html it can seem like a daunting prospect. To give your kitchen a new lease of life. Plan your kitchen around the style of your home. Remember all of our kitchen fitters are experienced to a minimum of five years. We are experienced kitchen designers and we have put together our top tips for ensuring the seamless and successful delivery of your kitchen refurbishment project. The size and scale of the job is different per client, but on average a refurbishment is 50% cheaper than a kitchen rebuild. This is on top of the kitchen doors we can also supply. We will assess your worktops, kitchen doors, kitchen units and look at the highlighted errors in the surface. You will be able to order Clicbox kitchen units and doors to fit yourself, These can be delivered to your door or you will be able to call and collect. A refurbishment is about making what you have work and look better. Kitchen installations are multi-trade projects requiring gas fitters, electricians, joiners and carpenters, tilers and floor fitters. Kitchen looking outdated but mostly functional. Many homeowners are dreaming of a new makeover for their kitchen worktops. Or we can refurbish the kitchen to attain a new modern timber look. All the kitchen units have adjustable legs and all the kitchen doors & drawres are soft close. If you can send us some information of your requirements, plus photos of your kitchen, we’ll let you know an estimate ASAP! If you’re happy with your cabinets, replacing a tired kitchen worktop with a modern stone countertop can give your kitchen an immediate boost. It’s a bit more expensive, but the material you choose is important if you’re not planning to remodel your kitchen again for another 50 years. The owners have restored it to a gorgeous family home with kitchen, den, and utility in the basement. This is where our expertise comes in, we can also advise you on colours, handles, and accessories to give your painted kitchen the finishing touches that will make it into in effect a new kitchen. Your designer should work with you throughout the design phase to offer advice, guidance and expertise on how to best organise your kitchen in the available space that you have.